25 May 2015

Each year during Whitsun the Nationale Zilverdag takes place in Schoonhoven. All of the historical town centre is one big open air gold- and silversmithing workshop. Spread out over 140 locations with pavillions and stands silver is what you get.

Gold- and silversmiths will demonstrate certain aspects of their craft. Engravers, specialists in the field of gemstones will welcome you in the many ateliers in town. All of these ateliers together with the only gold- and silversmithing craft school of The Netherlands and the Dutch Silvermuseum make Schoonhoven the silvercapital of the country. Not only during Whitmonday but the year around.

STUDIO 925 will be open during that day with work by silversmith Jan van Nouhuys. Some of his latest work will be on show. One of them the object accompanying this page.

You are welcome to visit us from 10.00 - 17.00 hours!