Jan van Nouhuys -- a contemporary silver piece.


so kind of you to meet me!
Kindness is the lubricant for a dynamic and happy society. There is so much to tell. There is so much on my mind, regarding art and craft, about life and ideas. I state that: Beauty meets the heart. Truth can be painful. Humour lifts the soul. Craft is music.

In SILVER TALES, I share with you stories of the past and present. I share my craft experiences. I may provoke your thoughts. I will express myself in writing, sometimes in sound, and often with visual aid. They can be in English or in Dutch.

The OEUVRE shows a great deal of the work I have made since around 1978. Though selling the work, we experienced much later. When I speak about ‘we’ who else could it mean but Anneke, my wife!

In my spacious workshop, overlooking the apple trees, the canal below and historic facades, I love to work “quietly” and in solitude. This is not always the case though: Starting silversmiths, students’ requests, an apprentice, or a master class, ergo, roaring excitement in the atelier at times.