Exhibition Hooghstate Museum

19 Sep 2014 - 5 Oct 2014
Piece -- materials: silver, ebony, ivory; dimensions: 40 x 29 x 26 h cm;

Gallery Carla Koch, gallery 9 (nine) and Studio 925 together organize an exhibition in the Hooghstate Museum, next to the well known Museum Bisdom van Vliet, in Haastrecht.

Dates :

19-20-21, 26-27-28 September and 3-4-5- October 2014

Open : 11.00 - 18.00 hours.

For this exhibition they cooperate out of appreciation of each other's specializations. Various disciplines which complement and reinforce each other : silver, ceramics, paintings, works on paper, metal and and textile (wall) sculptures.

Gallery Carla Koch shows work by the Japanese ceramist Kayoko Hoshino. Although her work points to function, it is to a high degree autonomous and the owner will hesitate to use it. The vases are meant for a single flower or branche, as is the custom in Japanese flowerarrangements. In some cases surfaces or interiors of the objects are decorated with silver leaf or platinum, giving the grey clay a mother-of-pearl look.

Gallery 9 (nine) shows work of a number of Dutch artists who work in the abstract, often minimalistic line of the gallery with various materials and techniques: Gabriël Barlag (wall sculptures), Martijn Duifhuizen (paintings), Dorry van Haersolte (works on paper), Ineke van Koningsbruggen (paintings) and Babette Treumann (tapestries).

STUDIO 925 shows work by Jan van Nouhuys. His latest work is surprisingly different from his earlier work, though it has quite naturally evolved from that.