Tafelhoeden/Schaalobjecten in vele hoed-danigheden

19 Apr 2008 - 31 May 2008
Studio 925
Piece -- materials: silver; dimensions: 28,5 x 17,5 x 7,5 h cm;

From 19 april – 31 May an exhibition is taking place at Studio 925 with work of silver- and goldsmiths from The Netherlands and Belgium.

An invitation went out last September to 55 silver- and goldsmiths to take part in an exhibition with the subject : bowls (dishes, vessels). 30 of them have responded and have worked extremely hard to get their design ready in time.

A verbatim translation of the title of the exhibition is a difficult task :

'Tablehats / Bowl-objects in many qualities'. The Dutch word for qualities is hoedanigheid which contains the word hoed (hat).

This playing with words was felt to be important, as it could set the imagination of the possible partipants in motion. A bowl turned upside-down is a hat, and vice versa. Viewing the varied, imaginative and beautiful collection, one can only conclude that this has worked.

A catalogue with photographs of all the works at the exhibition is available.