S      I      L      V      E      R

The gallery is the permanent home for the collection of silversmith Jan van Nouhuys. In the past years work of various guest silversmiths was on display during specific periods, and taken along to the art fairs Studio 925 was taking part in.

In the 1990's Studio 925 was at the heart of initiatives to search for new ways of expression in silver. In 2004 the gallery started in a new building of striking architecture, designed by Gerard Rijnsdorp.

Since 2017 new steps have been taken. Jan van Nouhuys has stopped working as an artist-silversmith. If you are interested in any of the work shown under the heading COLLECTION (the collection has dimished greatly already), please give us a phonecall : 06 - 15022766 and we can make an arrangement for you to view the work in reality.